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Concrete ornament sizes and weights

In general the largest ornament dimensions are approximately:

Height 0 - 60cm or 24 inches
Width 0 - 30cm or 12 inches
Weights are from .5 Kg to 25Kg

Concrete properties
Concrete can last up to 100 years and year on year the concrete will develop a sought after weathered appearance.

Moss growth is also possible within the first year where ornaments are made using peat moss which can optionally be added to the concrete mix. Mushroom caps look particularly attractive when moss appears on the surface.

Materials used
White or grey UK Portland cement is used with a typical mix of:
1 - 2 - 3 - 0.5 ratio of -
cement - sand - aggregate - water. 

All concrete ornaments are left to cure for up to 3 weeks to maximise the form's strength.

Colour finish

Added pigment colour finish
Colour pigments are added to the concrete mix to create buff, black, red, yellow and brown and these colours have a natural finish complementing the natural garden surroundings.

Masonry painted finish
Concrete designs can also be painted with smooth or textured masonry paint in black, white and an unlimited range of pastel colours.

James Castings make a new range of eye catching concrete ornaments for use in any garden or general outdoor area.

The concrete ornaments are designed to enhance outdoor spaces through all seasons and provide a year round focal point of interest.

Please select the CONCRETE PRODUCTS button above to view the wide concrete product range available.


Design requests (retailer or commission)
James Castings will consider any alternative design ideas from retailers or commissions.

We are happy to incorporate brand or any identification reference on the ornaments.

James Castings will co-operate with any new design suggestions and will work to produce a small scale example if required, before progressing to a final example piece.

Design suggestions can be sent to or by using the form on the CONTACT area.

Business history
The owner (James) setup James Castings in 2022 after 15 years of hand making concrete ornaments out of his home garage.

James believes that concrete ornaments will add a long lasting light hearted architectural point of interest in outdoor areas particularly during  days of inclement weather, and will ensure the garden does not become a forgotten area.

The ornaments made have been popular with family and friends and now James Castings are selling publicly with the same care and attention to detail.

Every ornament made is unique because the items are hand made using partial mould techniques and finished by hand.

James Castings only produce unique hand finished ornaments and never use full mould techniques which  only reproduce exact copies. 

Hand cast concrete ornaments are made for retailers, landscapers and individual commissions.

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